Embrace Muskegon

Embrace Muskegon is a faith based non-profit founded by Wally Harrison of the Front Porch community. Embrace was created with the vision to offer community based programming in a way that will strengthen and knit together the people of Muskegon. Embrace was born out of the vision to see kids and teens fall in love with reading, embracing healthy eating and exercise, and inviting adults to serve as mentors, so as to offer young people a fresh future.

We are thrilled to offer opportunities to serve and collaborate with our neighbors in order to celebrate the great city of Muskegon, and we’d love to have you partner with us.

EM’s Vision: To change the direction of a city through non-violent, healthy, active and engaged community.

Collaboration: EM is not here to reinvent the wheel for community growth, but to collaborate with others who are already strengthening the community and could use some extra hands, and a little more heart.

City of Muskegon - Nims Neighborhood - 1050 W. Southern Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49441

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